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Complete sludge dewatering equipment
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The complete sludge dewatering treatment plant (complete sludge thickening and dewatering equipment) is an important equipment in urban domestic sewage treatment, sludge treatment in tap water production and industrial and agricultural sewage treatment projects. It has the integrated treatment function of sludge dewatering and sludge thickening and dewatering. In the world, horizontal screw centrifuges with large aspect ratio are generally used as the main machine for sludge dewatering.

1. Fully enclosed operation, clean and pollution-free site;
2. The consumption of flocculant and cleaning water is small, and the daily operation cost is low;
3. Compact equipment layout and small floor area can significantly reduce land acquisition and infrastructure investment.

The integrated sludge thickening and dewatering machine manufactured by the company has a large length diameter ratio and high speed. During the whole treatment process, the cutting, crushing, feeding, discharging and conveying of sludge, the dosing of flocculant and the monitoring of the operation status of the whole system are all implemented by the plc+ LCD control system. As a complete set of fully automatic operation units, the device is an ideal turnkey project for users.

The process flow diagram of the complete sludge dewatering equipment is as follows (mainly composed of six parts)
1. Sludge feeding system: it is composed of sludge cutter, sludge feeding pump, electromagnetic flowmeter, valve, pipeline, etc;
2. Flocculant dosing system: it is composed of Pt type dry powder automatic quantitative dosing device, dilution water device, dosing screw pump, valve, pipeline, etc. It can realize the full-automatic feeding, dissolution, maturation, storage, dosing and other processes. The whole process is completely automatic without manual operation.
3. Specific gravity dosing system: composed of JY type mixing drum, electric diaphragm pump, valve, pipeline, etc. The system is a supporting equipment for dehydration of oily sludge (scum).
4. Sludge dewatering host (horizontal screw centrifuge with large length diameter ratio): lw250, lw300, lw355, LW400, LW450, lw530, lw550, lw650, lw750, lw800 and other specifications.
5. Dewatered sludge conveying system (shaftless screw conveyor): the design of WLS series shaftless screw can effectively prevent the blockage and winding of sludge cake. It is widely used in the transportation of sludge after sludge centrifugal dewatering treatment.
6. Electric control system (plc+ LCD fully automatic control, dynamic picture display): it is composed of horizontal screw host, feed pump, dosing pump, dilution water pump, PLC control and control box of relevant electrical components and LCD touch screen.

Structural features
1. The drum and other main parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel;
2. The feeding screw adopts special anti-wear measures, which can spray weld the cemented carbide protective layer or insert the cemented carbide resistant sheet;
3. Large aspect ratio and high speed. Drum cone structure with multiple angles;
4. Cycloidal pin gear, planetary gear or hydraulic differential with heavy load and large transmission ratio can be selected;
5. The differential speed and torque can be automatically adjusted with the change of material concentration and flow;
6. Horizontal screw centrifuge with BD plate can concentrate and dewater primary sedimentation and activated sludge of various proportions and separate materials that are difficult to separate.


Decanter centrifuge is a kind of equipment which uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate suspension. For various suspensions with solid particle equivalent diameter =3um, weight concentration ratio: 10% or volume concentration ratio =70% and liquid-solid specific gravity difference: 0.05g/cm3, this kind of centrifuge is suitable for liquid-solid separation or particle classification. The horizontal screw centrifuges produced by the company can be divided into parallel flow, counter flow, composite screw, two-way extrusion and other forms in rotor structure, and can be used in concentration, dehydration, classification, concentration and dehydration. Therefore, they can be widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries. According to the special needs of users, undertake equipment selection, design and manufacturing. Users are welcome to carry materials for experiments.


Automatic dosing system device: the materials to be treated are lifted into the feeding system by the feeding pump. Before the materials enter the horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge, the flocculant of the dosing system enters the preparation tank through the metering feeder in the powder storage tank to prepare 0.1-0.3% solution, and then enters the second buffer tank after being fully dissolved by mixing. The polymer chain is added through slow mixing in the buffer tank, and then enters the third operating tank. According to the process flow, the variable-frequency dosing screw pump is used to mix with the sludge to be treated through the flowmeter, and then enter the centrifuge for separation after flocculation, so as to achieve the required material amount, feed amount and dosing amount.


WLS shaftless screw conveyor is mainly suitable for conveying grid slag and sludge cake of sludge dehydrator in sewage treatment plant.

PLC electrical control system
(1) The control system has two working conditions of manual control and automatic control: in the manual control state, various system parameters can be adjusted and set during operation; In the automatic control state, after the parameters of the system are set and adjusted, the flow and dosing amount of the feed pump are controlled by the concentration meter in the sludge tank, and the dosing amount and dilution amount are fuzzy controlled according to the turbidity of the separation liquid of the centrifuge. The control system is an intelligent automatic control process;
(2) It can automatically and continuously measure the rotating speed and differential speed of the centrifuge;
(3) It has status monitoring, fault alarm, data display and report printing of various operating parameters of the system;
(4) It has the function of automatically saving the sludge feed through the concentration detection, so that the centrifuge is always in the working state;
(5) With system working status and alarm signals, various operating parameters and historical records are transmitted to the upper computer;
(6) Monitoring and display of current, voltage, flow, rotating speed, differential speed, pushing torque, cumulative operation time, temperature and other parameters;
(7) Dynamic picture display and parameter setting of each operation unit;
(8) Through the network configuration software of the upper computer, the remote fault diagnosis function can be realized; Animation display of operation status; Real time data report; Historical data search;
(9) The whole control system is fully automatic controlled by plc+ LCD touch screen, which makes the system in intelligent full-automatic operation. It is a very ideal turnkey project.

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