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LW150 Decanter Centrifuge
  • Jinhua Shenzhou Centrifuge Co., Ltd.

Product introduction

LW experimental spiral sedimentation centrifuge: This equipment is a LW series product. Lw150 is designed for two-phase separation in the laboratory. It is mainly used for small-scale continuous processing operation from 1 / 1-500u / h. The input and output is far less than that required by industrial centrifuge. It is a separation equipment for research and scientific research institutions and small batch direct output. LW series small horizontal screw centrifuges are usually used in food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological industries.

Working principle

Horizontal screw centrifuge is an equipment that uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate suspension. Its working principle is that when the suspension to be separated enters the drum of the centrifuge, the solid particles with higher density than the liquid phase will quickly settle to the inner wall of the drum under the centrifugal force of the drum. The screw conveyor inside the centrifuge pushes the solid phase deposited on the inner wall of the drum to the drying area at the small end of the drum for further dehydration, and then discharged through the slag outlet, and the separated clear liquid will flow out of the overflow weir at the large end of the drum.

Product features
1. Good adaptability. In the design, various special requirements of small separation application and treatment process are fully considered, and the optimization design of main functional components such as specificity and adjustability is implemented. Before purchasing the machine, the user needs to explain the installation and use place, the physical and chemical characteristics of the treated materials, process requirements, etc.
2. Strong production capacity. Continuous 24-hour operation, speed block and good separation effect;
3. Low labor cost. Fully automatic operation, reliable operation, no manual intervention.
4. Long service life. No less than 8000 hours of trouble free operation under normal operating conditions; And the service life shall not be less than 8 years.
5. Compact structure. Small floor area, easy operation, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost;
6. The safety protection devices are complete and reliable. With multiple protections such as torque protection, power control, electrical interlocking and audible and visual alarm, it can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage caused by sudden faults to the machine.

Technical parameter


Feed pipe diameter (mm)

Speed (r / min)

Capacity (L / h)


Motor power (kw)

Separation factor

Weight (kg)


Product Name: lw150 experimental Spiral Sedimentation Centrifuge
Product application: high quality laboratory materials with flow less than 300L / h
Product material: 304L, 316L
Standard configuration: ordinary motor and standard control cabinet
Color type: customizable
Optional configuration: explosion-proof motor, power supply voltage, frequency converter

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