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    NPP Gidriks LLC is a dealer of Shenzhou Group LTD and has the right to sell products manufactured by Shenzhou Group LTD in Russia and the CIS countries.


  • Operation methodoperation adjustment technology of horizontal screw centrifuge

    In the operation of horizontal screw centrifuge, especially in the operation of processing material separation, the operation of helix in centrifuge can be said to be the "soul" of horizontal screw centrifuge. Without the correct operation of helix, centrifuge can not realize its basic function.


  • Application of Rockwell Automation Monitoring Software RSView32sewage treatment system of decanter centrifuge

    The monitoring system of LWD430W centrifuge sewage treatment system is made by RSView32 monitoring software of Rockwell Automation Company. The production methods of basic items of monitoring system such as communication configuration, marking database establishment and data recording are introduced in detail, which can be used as a reference for relevant personnel.


  • Solutions to technical problems of centrifuge surge

    When the inlet pressure or flow decreases suddenly and is lower than the allowable operating point


  • Application of coal mine wastewatersolid-liquid separation

    In the design of coal mine sewage treatment plant, activated sludge process was adopted in the 1980s. Due to the low content of organic matter in sewage, microorganisms can not get the minimum nutrients during operation, so they can not form activated sludge and can not operate.


  • Latest discussionsludge treatment

    Sludge treatment technology includes sludge concentration, dehydration and drying. The existing technology in China is basically sludge thickening and dewatering technology. After sludge thickening and dewatering, the water content of sludge can only be reduced to about 80%, while developed countries are gradually requiring the water content of sludge to be reduced to 20% - 30%.


  • Analyze the characteristics of various centrifuges

    Sorted by time saving: horizontal screw centrifuge, horizontal scraper centrifuge, aut full-automatic centrifuge, cone basket centrifuge, scraper centrifuge, bag centrifuge, lower discharge centrifuge and upper discharge centrifuge


  • Comparison of development status of horizontal screw centrifuges at homeabroad

    The application of imported machines still accounts for a large proportion in China, especially in the field of sludge dewatering in industrial and municipal sewage treatment, especially in some newly-built municipal sewage treatment plants, and imported horizontal screw centrifuges account for a large proportion.


  • Classification of decanter centrifuges

    There are many kinds of horizontal screw centrifuges. According to the separation method, it can be divided into horizontal screw sedimentation centrifuge and horizontal screw filtration centrifuge. According to the flow direction of solid phase and material, it can be divided into countercurrent horizontal screw centrifuge and cocurrent horizontal screw centrifuge.


  • How to improve the dewatering efficiency of horizontal screw centrifuge

    In the process of using the centrifuge, the problem of slow dewatering efficiency of the centrifuge is encountered, which is manifested in the following aspects: with the increase of solid image materials in the drum, the dewatering time of the centrifuge is prolonged, and the centrifuge cannot be dried. This phenomenon is universal.


  • Application of horizontal screw centrifugesludge dewatering

    The horizontal screw centrifugal sludge dewatering unit is mainly composed of horizontal screw centrifuge, automatic flocculant preparation and dosing device, sludge crushing and cutting machine, sludge feed pump, dosing pump, single screw sludge transfer pump, flowmeter and automatic control system.


  • Complete set of low-cost, zero coal blending, organic biochemical sludge dryingincineration equipment

    Sludge incineration equipment mainly includes rotary incinerator, vertical multi-stage incinerator, fluidized bed incinerator, etc. in the past, vertical multi-stage incinerator was commonly used abroad, and recently fluidized bed incinerator was commonly used.


  • Feasibility studysludge dryingincineration treatmenturban sewage treatment plant

    In the process of urban sewage treatment, it is inevitable to produce sludge with high moisture content, which contains a lot of organic matter, rich nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metals. With the improvement of sewage treatment rate and degree, the sludge output will inevitably increase, resulting in the increasingly serious problem of sludge disposal.


  • Solar energygeothermal drying sludge technologycomplete set of equipment

    The greenhouse system consists of the main body of the greenhouse, ventilation system, heating circulation system, internal and external weather stations and computer control system.


  • Design scheme of 120 t / D sludge resource treatment

    Aerobic composting fermentation this process is mainly composed of dewatered sludge with moisture content of 75% and industrial waste fly ash, backfill and deodorant as adjusting agent, which are mixed in a certain proportion into the mixer.


  • Researchsludge recyclingdevelopment of complete equipment

    The main disposal methods of sludge in China are sludge landfill and incineration. Its disposal methods can not realize the comprehensive utilization of sludge, and there are certain social and environmental problems, which is not the best way out of sludge disposal.


  • Application performance comparison of common sludge dewatering equipment

    After sedimentation treatment, sewage will produce a large amount of sludge. Even after concentration and digestion treatment, the moisture content is still as high as 96%, which is very large and difficult to absorb and dispose. Dehydration treatment must be carried out to improve the solid content of mud cake, so as to reduce the floor area of sludge stacking.


  • Feasibility of domestic explosion-proof pat horizontal screw centrifuge

    PTA sealed explosion-proof centrifuge has a large specification, and the maximum specification of vertical spiral centrifuge currently used in China does not exceed φ 700mm, horizontal spiral centrifuge, the largest specification currently used in China is φ 1200mm。 The largest specification of the industrialized horizontal spiral centrifuge produced by domestic centrifuge manufacturers is φ About 750mm, and it is non hermetic explosion-proof type.


  • New comprehensive utilization of sludge: sludge brick making

    Sludge drying field is an older and simpler sludge dewatering method. Water removal mainly depends on infiltration, evaporation and skimming. However, as the nature of sludge is different from the local meteorological conditions, the proportion of water removed by infiltration, evaporation and skimming is also different.


  • Finite element simulation of screw conveyor of horizontal screw centrifuge

    Screw conveyor is the main component of horizontal screw centrifuge. Based on the static analysis of screw conveyor, further parameter analysis and optimization design is of great engineering practical significance for horizontal screw centrifuge.


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