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Centrifuge for starch
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Product description
Wheat, potato, corn and rice are the main raw materials for making starch and gluten. Horizontal screw centrifuge can treat starch and gluten economically and effectively. Usually, we will select the appropriate model of centrifuge according to different process requirements to achieve good results. We can help manufacturers produce starch and gluten, as well as rice bran and protein from raw materials. Thus, the enterprise can realize high value rate of return and low production cost. The horizontal screw centrifuge can continuously feed and unload under the condition of full speed operation. It has compact operation structure and large production capacity. It also has good applicability for the separation and treatment of plant and animal proteins such as soybean, peanut and wheat. Different types of horizontal screw centrifuges can be used for the needs of different output. The horizontal screw centrifuge adopts intelligent control frequency conversion control system, which greatly reduces the workload of operators.

The heavy liquid phase separated by centrifuge can be discharged in two different ways: gravity discharge and pressure discharge with built-in centripetal pump; The built-in centrifugal pump discharge under pressure includes the fixed mode of liquid layer and the on-line adjustable mode of heavy phase liquid layer, which can be selected according to the needs of process conditions.

Wheat is an important raw material for the production of gluten and starch, but due to regional problems, there are great differences in the content of gluten and all kinds of starch in wheat. Fully consider improving the production efficiency and reducing the working intensity of operators. When the raw materials change, the built-in centripetal pump structure with on-line adjustable liquid layer can easily adjust the operating parameters of the centrifuge and make the centrifuge operate in the separation state.

The centrifuge control system is equipped with automatic cleaning procedure, which can ensure that each mechanical cleaning is perfect and avoid human factors. Clean the inner cavity of the hood and base and the outer surface of the drum.

The separation liquid of three-phase centrifuge is discharged in two ways: gravity discharge and built-in centripetal pump discharge. The pressure of built-in centripetal pump includes liquid layer fixed mode and heavy phase liquid layer on-line adjustable mode, which can be selected according to the needs of process conditions.

For the separation of fine starch particles, the centrifuge needs a separation factor of more than 3000g in order to achieve a more ideal separation effect.

Screw conveyor and drum structure with high dryness
The dehydration of solid particles mainly depends on strong centrifugal force, high torque screw extrusion force (pushing torque) and ultra long solid particle dehydration length. The "gren" centrifuge can produce more than 3000g centrifugal force, which is 30 ~ 50% higher than that of ordinary centrifuges, and the dewatering length of drum is 10 ~ 20% longer than that of ordinary centrifuges.

Involute planetary gear differential with high torque
The pushing torque needs the involute planetary gear differential with high torque as the basis. The differential equipped with "gerun" centrifuge has the characteristics of high torque, high speed, low calorific value and excellent heat dissipation, so as to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the centrifuge.

Cleaning system
The full-automatic control system is equipped with a cleaning system, which can effectively solve the problems of inadequate cleaning and unclean cleaning during shutdown, and can effectively avoid equipment problems caused by human factors.

Application of corn starch in production (gluten recovery)
Gluten recovery is the process of recovering gluten protein powder from yellow pulp. Gluten water, commonly known as yellow pulp, is the wastewater produced in the refining process of corn starch. Solids mainly include corn protein, carbohydrate, pigment and oil. The concentration is generally about 1% ~ 2%. Centrifugal separation is a common and efficient method for gluten recovery. The combination of disc centrifuge and horizontal screw centrifuge has higher efficiency than the combination of disc centrifuge and vacuum filter, because the horizontal screw centrifuge can be produced continuously without flushing in the normal production process. The dry matter concentration of horizontal screw centrifuge with new technology is almost the same as that of vacuum filter.

Application of potato starch in production (cell fluid separation)
Potato, sweet potato and cassava have very similar structures, so the basic process of starch production is the same. Cell fluid is a mixture of water-soluble proteins, amino acids, vitamins and other substances. The dry matter content is between 4.5 ~ 7%, which exists in rhizome cells together with potato starch, and is released together with starch when potato chips are crushed. After separating the cell liquid, the foam will be reduced, the consumption of water and the production of waste water will be reduced, and the quality of starch will be improved. The separated cell fluid can be used as high-quality feed after concentration and drying. Curved screen, conical centrifugal screen and horizontal screw centrifuge can be used to separate cell fluid. Horizontal screw centrifuge is widely used in modern production technology.

Application of wheat starch in production
Horizontal screw centrifuge was widely used in wheat starch production late, but it developed rapidly. The advanced centrifugal separation process abroad adopts horizontal screw centrifuge to separate a starch and other components in flour, a starch and B starch, dehydration of B starch and wastewater treatment. The more advanced and improved Martin method also began to apply the horizontal screw centrifuge to the starch dehydration process. The application of three-phase horizontal screw centrifuge and double cone horizontal screw centrifuge in production has made new progress in the scale, efficiency, degree of continuous operation and product yield of the production line.

Performance parameter 
The performance parameters of horizontal screw centrifuge mainly include: drum diameter, drum speed, separation factors, differential speed, length diameter ratio, etc. Generally, the manufacturer will give all or some of the above parameters. Some manufacturers will also give the shape, speed regulation mode and output of drum and screw propeller. For the same model, the output of the machine is also different due to different materials to be processed and different applications.
Drum diameter is an important parameter to measure the production capacity of horizontal screw centrifuge. The larger the drum diameter is, the larger the output is. However, due to the difficulty of manufacturing and economic reasons, the diameter cannot be too large. At present, the drum diameter of most horizontal screw centrifuges is less than 520mm.
Drum speed, separation factors, differential speed and length diameter ratio are important parameters to measure the separation capacity of horizontal screw centrifuge, and they affect each other, so they should be considered in the selection. The higher the rotating speed of the drum, the higher the separation capacity. However, due to the economic reasons of mechanical manufacturing and operation, the rotating speed of the horizontal screw centrifuge with larger drum diameter is relatively low. Generally, for models with a drum diameter of more than 350mm, the drum speed is less than 4000R / min. for models with a drum diameter of less than 350mm, the drum speed can be very high, reaching 6000-7000r / min or even 10000r / min, but the output is relatively small.

Main features
Continuous operation, spiral discharge, high capacity.
Compact structure and convenient maintenance
The site is clean and completely closed;
The amount of flocculant and cleaning water is small, and the daily operation cost is low;
Compact equipment layout and small floor area can significantly reduce land acquisition and infrastructure investment.

Material selection
According to the user's requirements, the product contact can be made of austenitic stainless steel (321, 316L...), Haines alloy, titanium alloy or other anti-corrosion materials.
Structure and working principle
Horizontal screw centrifuge realizes solid-liquid separation by accelerating the settling speed of solid particles under the action of centrifugal force due to the density difference between solid and liquid phases.
The centrifuge is composed of two rotors, one is called drum, and the other rotor is spiral discharger (spiral for short). When the drum rotates at a high speed, the slurry in the drum rotates with the drum and is subjected to centrifugal force, which is many times greater than gravity. In this way, the solid particles will be separated from the liquid and settle on the inner wall of the drum from the axis of the centrifuge drum. The screw unloader in the drum rotates at a speed lower than that of the drum and pushes the deposited solid particles to the slag outlet, The differential speed between the outer drum and the screw unloader depends on the transmission ratio and speed of the differential.

Technical parameter
Users can reasonably select the working parameters of the centrifuge according to the physical properties of the separated material (suspension), separation requirements, treatment capacity, process requirements and other factors, so as to obtain satisfactory separation effect and economic benefits. Colors and materials can be customized.

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